Ok so Grand Battle Seasons and Continuity up until now have been the Main Differential thing between “canon” battles and “non-canon” battles.

The only thing you really need to know about those two things is that, as far as S? and future battles on eagle time are concerned, none of the battles that are going to appear will be automatically more or less important than any of the others.

A “canon” battle is part of a Season which is normally eight battles where the grand masters are connected in some way in terms of the story. This then leads to All-Stars, which is where all of the people who won a battle go and fight in another battle. From the perspective of the players, this has served mostly as a way to entice battles to finish and continue and to have things like replacements and stuff have more weight to them.

None of this matters. For this battle, and hopefully a few more battles, the distinction of canon and non-canon will be made more blurry, to give less importance to canon battles and stop people from making and joining battles because they wouldn’t be as Important as Other Battles. Our intent is to transplant the momentum and desire of “finishing the battle because it is in a season” to “finishing the battle because it is fun and cool and because fun and cool battles that finish get to do all-stars and stuff with other cool and fun battles.” I assume that inter-connectivity between the battles that appear will be Whatever The Fuck people want to do, even if a battle doesn’t finish or anything.

So, basically, seasons and continuity were things that were sort of important that we are trying to make less important so that more people can do battles and have fun with battles without having to Wait For The Next Important Season Battle.

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