did you know that after the gold rush in california, the prospectors headed north to see if they could find anything there? they didn't have luck, though - they found all the Oregon.

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did you hear about the shark with cataracts? she couldnt sea very well

i guess that shark could use contact lenses

You can make better containers from fungus than trees - the latter might seem more spacious, but really they don't have mushroom.

theres no such thing as mushrooms either

I can't believe jacq is doing cow puns. What a cowmedian.

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what do you call a dessert made from graham crackers, chocolate and a white rapper



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What are the inter-district politics like? Do High Queens declare war on each other to gain territory, or are the borders mostly stable? Are there any particular enmities/alliances between districts?

all of the high queens in general dont really care that much about the other high queens

theres no real threats to the high queens other than their own children! sometimes they decide to send a powerful monster or three or whatever to another palace, but they know that it wont ever amount to anything other than just peeving off the other high queen and just sort of laughing about that

on the princess level theres not much either, they are all acquainted with each other and they squabble like teens and kids and theres varying levels of friendlyness between them but for the most part they dont really care about any grand scheme of things, and are much more concerned with their own district

the group thats most engrossed in inter-district dealings are the noble type monsters under the high queens who basically have to actually do administrative things! their policy depends on what they think is best for them, but in general they are all conniving asshats who want to get as much power as possible and couldnt care less about the general people

cool stuff, this monster government!

big changes and happenings dont happen often because every noble knows that deep down their continued survival is competently dependent on queens who’s idea of fun is causing international incidents which is to say they dont have any chance

are the districts sorted by species? if so then is it something that's being put in place officially or is it just folks congregating together

its a bit complicated of an answer, but id say its a little of both!

like part of it is that some monsters straight up just come into existence in the district that matches the sort of monster they are! so a lot of the undead are in the eest district because thats just where theyve been/where they were born!

but at the same time, its like, each of the high queens has the most control over the sort of monster they that they are, so they want the districts to have the “correct” sort of monster to be closest to them! so while they probably didnt set it up they arent in a hurry to do anything that changes the status quo

that said, there arent any rules against going to a different district, but its almost always going to be weird and there arent really like… communities of a certain sort of monster in other districts… like theres not a group of pure wehstern/animal based monsters in the nyorth/robot land. theres the areas where they crossover, and those are inviting to either side, so you’ll probably find /some/ sort of place for you unless you are soughth-nyorthern or eest-wehstern in which case theres probably not A Specific Place for you and you’d probably have to settle for one or the other?

centrall is the only exception in that its got a little bit of everything but even then it still has a preference for Centrall monsters over any mixed or other sorts

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what the one lawyer say to the guy on the moon who got fucked up or what

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